My name is Elaine and I’m from the UK. I give psychic readings, channelling a spirit guide to provide accurate answers to your emotional, relationship and spiritual needs. My work specializes in understanding and removing the emotional blocks that hold you back from happiness and spiritual ascension. This has been a twenty five year period of training with spirit and by taking courses. All readings are followed by distance or hands on healing. Your name is placed in my healing book which I work on at regular intervals.


 How I Read: My specialism is automatic writing, channelling a spirit guide. I can tune in with your energy to give accurate readings on the emotional blocks that hold you back from living a happy and fulfilled life. Readings include life coaching, counselling and practical exercises. Together we can delve into past life, this lifetime’s issues and predict future events.


Education: Reflexology IHHTC Aromatherapy NVQ 3 Counselling and psychotherapy, Life coaching SNHS, Probational Healer NFSH Reiki level one. Stress management diploma.

More About Elaine: I have a monthly column about the Therapy world in Bellesprit magazine. I am also a member of Bellesprit Diamond psychics.